JAX 2018 An Architect’s Guide to Site Reliability Engineering

By Nathaniel Schutta, Pivotal Bok: Thinking Architecturally JAX direct link Monolithics principles don’t necessarily apply to microservices. How we work together matters. Communication is even more important in a complec world. So what is the history of IT? Apollo program Margaret Hamilton first SRE. Wanted to implement error checking to avoid data erasure during takeoff. Management denied this, shit followed 1968. Hope Is Not A Strategy! Monolith + sysop ==> microservices + devops CORBA ==> EJB ==> SOA ==> API first :. Cambrian explosion of API:s E.g. Dark Sky API <== väderapp… Läs mer

JAX 2018 Testing microservices, from development to production

By: Daniel Bryant JAX direct link Pre-prod vs post-prod tests Contract testing Api simulation … Test-pyramiden, agile testing quadrant Test pyramid created before micro services, but after David Patna’s modularity ==> skilja mellan test av systemtest och mer behovsbaserad testplan för de enskilda mikrotjänsterna Boktips: Distributed Systems Observability Microservice test funnel – Cindy Sridharan ”testing microservices the sane way” Some tests should be done in production Lessons learned Unit testing Don’t avoid unit test <== 77% production failues can be reproduced by a unit test Testing error handling could have prevented 58%… Läs mer

JAX 2018 CD is better for your brain

By Daniel Jones JAX direct link Post-industrial era really easy to get to the market, or to make a competitive product, so how should we tackle this? Customer relations, and the ability to ccontinuous change is getting mote and mote important – change and reimplementation is much cheaper than losing all of your customers to the competition. How to get input quickly – enabling change Group identity co-relates to empathic response triggers => silos increase this problem. Create a larger tribe to increase investment from all parties. By increasing automation, specialist competence… Läs mer