JAX 2018 Enterprise integration patterns: A look back and their use in today’s serverless computing

By Bruno Borges, Microsoft JAX direct link Kod- och demotung föreläsning. What is Serverless? Abstraction of servers event-driven/instant scale micro-billing Run my code, at an running tab cost, event driven. Monolith ==> N microservices ==> N*M Functions (==> A LOT of moving parts…) From On-prem servers to serverless Hardware =:= servers = a lot of management on every level Virtualization =:= OS = just give me SSH and I’m good to go! Kubernetes =:= container = just run my container Serverless platform =:= Function = just take my code Options Cook your… Läs mer

JAX 2018 A craftman’s guide to designing a clean architecture

By Marcus Biel, Clean Code Academy JAX direct link Defining a clean architecture Should be simple top-down. Sadly, often real world complexity knocks on the door, and the sketch isn’t very clean after all. Hide the truth? NO! Build systems with modules Hexagonal architecural pattern Split architecture in infrastructure and domain. Infrastructure layer is responsible for communication etc. Head First Domain-Driven Design Enforce layering with Java Modules. Building blocks of a clean architecture Size Naming Encapsulation Coupling and cohesion Size matters Smaller is better – shy away from complexity. Guideline upper limit… Läs mer

JAX 2018 Leadership at every level

By Liz Keogh  https://lizkeogh.com/ JAX direct link Stephen Bungay the art of action Utan att veta vad planen är, så början folk gissa. Managers blir stressade och detaljerar mera, vilket sällan hjälper till att uppfylla målet med förändringen. Instinktiv motvilja mot osäkerhet. A leader’s framework for decision making The Innovation cycle Cynefin framework  SAFe bashing… Flickr och Slack avknoppningar från samma misslyckade MMO till följd av finanskriser. Estimating complexity 5 nobody’s done it before 4 someone outisde of the org has done it 3 someone in org has done it 2 someone… Läs mer